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Low Curly Bun


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A low curly bun is an elegant style way of styling your hair for special events. It is a romantic, yet classic hairstyle that is a perfect choice for those who have long hair which is naturally wavy or straight. This style is worn by many celebrities on special events such as the red carpet.

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First wash and condition the hair using suitable products. Towel dry the hair and brush through the locks using a wide-tooth comb to get rid of any tangles. Then use a hairdryer with medium heat to blow dry the hair and pull through the hair with a paddle brush to make it straight. Keep the paddle brush down and pull the hair to create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Use a one inch round curling iron with hottest setting and open the clamp to wrap the hair around the barrel. Start twisting the iron up to the base of your ponytail and hold it for five seconds before releasing the clamp. Make the hair slide out i and continue the process of curling rest of the hair in the ponytail hair. Comb through the tail which will keep the curl intact and create a wavy style. Now collect the tail of curls in your hand to twist it three times around the base of the ponytail holder. Secure the hair to the base of your ponytail with another ponytail holder and wrap second ponytail holder around your twisted hair.
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