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Hairstyle With Inverted Bob


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An inverted bob is a stylish hairstyle that can be very difficult to create for the beginners. This hairstyle is usually created by professional hairstylists, but it can be achieved at home with a little practice. The hairstyle will have longer hair in the front and the hair will be tapered at the neck.
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To get this style, wash the hair thoroughly using a shampoo and moisturize the hair with a conditioner. Start cutting the hair when it is still wet and create seven sections in your hair such as left, right, top, right crown, left crown, right nape of the neck and left nape of the neck. Secure each section with hair clips and leave a quarter of one inch of hair along the perimeter of your down. Brush the hair in front and keep it longer than the hair at the back. The front part should touch the chin and cut each section based on your desired length. Cut the hair using the comb in the back and brush each section of the nape held in clips. Cut one inch section of hair until you get to the desired length. Start cutting the right, left side of the nape from back to front and from right side or left side of the nape. The hair at the back must be tapered at the neck along with the hair longer in the front. Now dry the hair straightening iron or a a wide-barrel curling iron.
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