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Hairstyle With Defined Curls


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Curly hair is one of the most worn hairstyle among women and you can make the defined curls by following few important styling techniques without getting into a frizzy mess. Creating this style can be challenging for the first time, as the hair may tend to frizz. After creating this hairstyle avoid using the brush on your hair which can cause fizz in the hair.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash your hair with a shampoo and use a leave-in conditioner all over the hair which will help in keeping the hair soft as well as control flyaways. Make sure to brush the hair using a comb while having a shower to get rid of any tangles. Use a towel to remove the excess water out of the hair using a towel and avoid breaking up the clumps in the hair that which is formed naturally after the shower. Apply a hair gel all over the hair as per your desire and make sure not to break up the chunks of hair which is held together by the conditioner. Scrunch the hair starting from tips to the roots to spread the gel toward your scalp. Now you can blow-dry the hair with a diffuser which will break up the air stream from blow dryer and protect the curls from breaking into smaller strands. Try to blow-dry the hair from tips to the roots by pushing the diffuser toward the scalp to scrunch the hair.
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