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Scissor Cut Hairstyle


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A scissor cut is a hairstyle that can be created by using only one hand. In the first attempt you must use the style of cutting the deck and you may think your hands are small. With some good practice your hands can become more flexible and you can have a perfect finish. It is not easy to create this style, but you can do it with some practice. Here is a simple and easy step to get a scissor cut.
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To start a scissor cut, first hold the deck and put the pointer finger at the end of your cards which are facing away from you. Next put the little finger on a short end opposite to your pointer finger. Move the thumb next to your little finger and thee side of the little finger your thumb is determined by which hand you are keeping the deck of cards in. Break off top half of the deck with the back of your thumb and move the thumb away from your little finger which will make the cards to pivot on the pointer finger. Stretch the pointer finger away till top of the deck of cards clears bottom. If you face any problems doing this, try to use the other fingers to move bottom of the deck in opposite direction. Move the thumb to send the top half of the deck under the bottom half of your deck and keep place them back together.
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