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Flat Twist Chignon


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A flat twisted hairstyle is worn by only few women as it involves few important techniques to achieve it. This hairstyle has different versions and one of them is a flat twist chignon which is mostly worn by women for various occasions. It is an every-day hairstyle which can give a polished look and it can also allow you a get a creative hairstyle. This style is also suitable for the hair which is naturally curly and those who want to have their hair partly contained.
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A flat twisted hair which leads into chignon can be considered as an elegant and classic hairstyle which is both easy to create as well as to manage. This type of hairstyle can be a perfect choice for the office and any other formal events. It can help to keep your hair in place at the back of the head and out of your eyes. This style usually consists of vertical lines of flat twists which will run from the hairline down to the nape of the neck. At this point, this hairstyle will be twisted into a bun or a chignon and kept together using pins or a hair clip. To get this style, first create a flat twist and secure the rest of your hair into a bun by twisting it around itself. Secure your bun in place using a hair band or clips and it can be created low or a high bun.
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