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Messy Curly Bun


messy curly bun messy curly bun2
A messy curly bun is one of the quickest ways of creating a hairstyle and it can be a perfect choice for a casual day at the beach along with right accessories. It is easy to get this style on any type of hair and there is no need to have a naturally curly hair. In case you have a shorter hair which less the shoulder-length, try to add a hair piece to create a bun. Those who have a naturally curly hair, this hairstyle can be achieved without using a curling iron.
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To get this hairstyle, first clean your hair and spread a little amount of hair gel or mousse all over. Now scrunch the hair with your fingers to make it curl on its own. Then dry the hair with a diffuser in case you have a straight hair. Now take your hair to create a ponytail which can be kept high, low or in the middle of the head. Next comb the hair completely and make sure top of the hair is smooth. Keep the hair on top of your head little loose which will add volume at the crown. Divide the hair into one-inch sections and start curling each of them with a curling iron. After curling each curl, take a bobby pin to secure it around the ponytail. Try to arrange your curls into a bun shape and then pull out a few pieces of hair frame your face.
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