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Hairstyle With Angel Curls


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Creating angel curls can be a perfect choice for those who want to have a long and cascading hairstyle. It can be styled at home without any help from a hairstylist using a few heated styling tools. You can also wear angel curls along with a slightly off-centered part to get a chic look. This hairstyle can be created on any type of hair and it must at least medium to long in length.
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To get this style, first blow dry the hair with a blow dryer to add more volume to the roots. Then flip your head down to shake your hair a few times. Create a part and separate the hair into two sections such as one on the left side and other on the right. Take a side of the hair at the back and off to a side and divide the remaining section as an upper and lower section. Secure the top-half section with a ponytail holder. Comb your hair with a paddle brush and slide the heated curling iron over a half inch wide section of the hair. Keep the iron in the middle part of your hair and wrap the left out dangling portion over the hot curling iron for 5-10 seconds before releasing it. Curl your hair away from the face and take the next ponytail holder to continue the styling process all over your head. Mist the lower section of your curls with hairspray before curling top section.
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