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Quick Zig Zag Part


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Creating a zig zag part in your hair can give a very interesting look for any type of hair starting from short to long. Those who have a straight hair, this style can give a striking look. It is a more tousled hairstyle that can be created by following different techniques. There are various types of zig zag part that can be created and the easiest one is the quick zig zag part that can be achieved by following these simple steps.
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Start the styling process by brushing the backward from a point where you will be creating the part. Hold the section in place using your hand and keep the palm at the point where the part will end. Now place the teeth of a comb against your hair vertically to create a horizontal part or horizontally for making a vertical part. Next pull your comb back toward the hand by moving it up as well as down at the same time to make a horizontal part. Move your comb side-to-side to make a vertical part. You can stop the comb after reaching the hand that you are holding the part of hair. Now keep your hair in place with the comb and take your hand out of the hair. Run your index finger down the middle of the section which was just combed. Finally pull your hair on both sides of the finger in opposite direction to show the zig zag part.
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