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Loosely Braided Bangs


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Hairstyle with bangs can be the best choice for any type of casual and relaxed events. You can make a simple hairstyle with bangs into a unique one by creating loosely braided bangs. You can match this hairstyle with curls, straight locks or soft waves. This hairstyle can consume lot of time when you are creating it for the first time, but with some practice, it can be done within minutes.
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To get loosely braided bangs, comb the hair to get rid of any tangles and create a deep side part using the end of the rat tail comb. Take a one inch wide section of the hair using the end of the comb and move from the part toward heavy side of your hair. Create the section as the depth of bangs depending on your preferences and go for deeper section of hair for making larger braid. Then plait the first part of your hair by bringing front section over the center and back section over the center. Next take a small section of hair to add it with the front section of the plait. Go to the center section and bring the back section over the center. Continue to move from part to the side of your head by adding hair from front with each plait. Resume the braiding process until you reach the end of the bangs and use bobby pins by crisscrossing over the hair to secure it in place.
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