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Flat Twist Ponytail


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Hairstyles with twists on the head are usually known as flat twists. This style can work well with any type of hair and especially with curly or coiled hair. You must use various items to style your hair in this way which includes hair bands, comb and a mirror. There are different types of hairstyles that be worn with a twist and one of the most unique and beautiful way is wearing a flat twist ponytail
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In this hairstyle, the hair will be usually parted into a flat twist at the crown of the head. Then the hair will be pulled towards the nape of the neck and hold it in place with a hair band or a clip into a ponytail. Pulling your hair back to create a ponytail can help to make the twist stand out. You can begin your styling process by taking all of the hair at the back of your head. Then twist your hair at the back and collect any loose strands along the way. Now keep the twisted section in place using your one hand and insert two or three bobby pins to secure it in place. At last wrap your ponytail with an elastic hair band to secure it in place. Make sure to start the styling on an unwashed hair which will add extra texture to the hair and it will be helpful in keeping the hairstyle in place for a long time.
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