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Modern Pompadour Hairstyle


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Pompadour hairstyle is one of the most popular way of styling the hair in the present day. This style became popular as few celebrities started to wear it on regular basis. In this hairstyle there will be a tall, heavy-duty wire cage as well as artfully-placed wefts on top of the hair. This hairstyle as different version s and one of them is called as a modern pompadour which can be achieved by following these simple steps.
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To create a modern pompadour, take a small ceramic flatiron and then separate the hair into small two inch sections to make it straight. Try to style the bangs by pushing it away from your face and secure it using hair clips. Now you must determine the size of the pompadour that you will be creating. Then part the front of your hair using a comb and several inches back from hairline. Collect the front section of the hair to create a ponytail shape and brush it smoothly. Mist the hair with a hairspray underside of ponytail shape and backcomb the hair to create volume. Take the volumized section to create a ponytail shape again and press it against the scalp toward the hairline for making a bump in the section. Secure the bump using bobby pins and sprtiz it with a hairspray. Now you can style the rest of your hair as per your desire to create updo with a bump, tuck the pinned area with the ponytail.
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