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Hairstyle With Bouncy Bob


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Bobs are one of the most worn hairstyle by women, but this style is also worn by men occasionally. A bob hairstyle is of different types and one such variation is called as a bouncy bob. It is a versatile haircut that is tailored to the shape of the face. Once the hair is cut into a bob it can be made bouncy by using the right product application and styling.
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To get bouncy bob, first brush the hair as you usual and mist all over with a light-hold hairspray with an even coat. Make sure to use the hairspray which is able to add hair density and holds it without weighing down or making it greasy. Bevel the hair using a curling iron by running it through the length of your hair starting from top to bottom. Secure the tail end of the hair with a curling iron and roll it up about one to two inches. Then roll the hair under using the curling iron to make the curl face inward. Secure the bottom curls to top of the bob and take a section between your fingers to pull it upward. Insert a pin through the hair curl and into the rest of the hair which will make the curls cool as well as add volume to the hair. Leave the hair set for ten minutes and remove the pins. Finally mist the hair with a hairspray and style the edges with your fingers.
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