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French Flat Twist Hairstyle


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French flat twist is one of the most elegant way of creating an updo. It is a perfect hairstyle for special occasions like parties or night events. This style can give a new look to anyone who wears it with a medium to long hair. You can also wear a dress that matches the hairstyle to make more attractive. It is important to have a long hair to make the twist look right and get help from a friend during the first time.
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To create a French flat twist, first comb the hair to get rid of knots and part your hair. Then take the hair back to create a low ponytail and hold it at the bottom of the head. Start twisting the hair up from the bottom and keep it close to your head. Make sure that the twisted hair in completely tight and lies flat on your head. In case it is not very flat twit the hair again by pushing it into the crease of the twist. Use bobby pins to secure the twist by placing them at the bottom of the twist. Use the pin direct away from twist and it must touch your as well as tuck it up under the twist. In case there is any hair that comes out on top of the head, try to fix it with a curling iron to get a formal look or you can also leave them as it is for a casual look.
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