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Methods To Relax Afro Hairstyle


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Afro hairstyles are known to be extremely curly as well as tough to straighten. Most of the African-American women like to straighten their hair permanently which is a process called as relaxing to make the hair more manageable. To relax the hair from time to time and change the hairstyles from curly to straight can be difficult for most of them which can be done easily by following these steps.
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Get a professional relaxing kit and prepare the items that will be used to relax the Afro hair safely. The kit will have petroleum jelly, plastic gloves, a comb, flat applicator brush, plastic bowl for mixing and shower cap. Read the instructions on the hair-relaxing kit and follow it carefully by mixing the activator with a relaxer. Use a flat applicator brush to mix the chemicals together in the plastic bowl. Spread the petroleum jelly around your scalp which prevent harsh relaxing chemical from burning into delicate skin and avoid using any the jelly on your hair. Divide the hair into 4-5 sections and apply the relaxer over the hair. The strands of hair must be covered close to the root till the end of the hair. Make sure to remove the relaxer at the correct time as per the instructions mentioned on the kit. Take the shower cap to wash the relaxer with warm water and deep condition your hair to restore moisture. Finally rinse the hair fully and style it as usual.
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