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Interlocking Hair Extensions


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Wearing interlock extensions with your hair can give a stress-free hairstyle. It can also give the natural hair a break from chemical processing and heated styling as well as restore strength and prevent breakage. It is easy to interlock hair extensions by following these simple steps.
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To start the styling process, first wash the hair with a protein shampoo and condition it with a cholesterol conditioner. Then spread a generous amount of leave-in condition all over the hair and leave it to dry completely. Create cornrow into the desired pattern and part the hair in the desired direction. Do an additional part and cornrow the hair into place. Continue the same process until the entire hair is braided into place and avoid creating cornrows too thick which can give a flat look. Now take the extensions which are used in interlock weaving or loose hair extensions on a clean, flat surface. Secure hair extensions into the latch hook and slip it through the loop of the interlock tool. Continue to push the extensions inside the loop till it looks equal on both the sides. Keep the latch closed and use one to two braids for each of the application while using prebraided hair extensions. Now attach the hair extensions to the cornrows and slide the latch hook under the cornrow before releasing it from your hair. Pull out free ends of hair extension through looped hair extension to make the cornrow to cover the hair extension.
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