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Salma Hayek With High Quiff


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Salma Hayek has got a high quiff hairstyle which is an updated version of a standard quiff which became popular in the 1950s. This hairstyle will be higher than a normal quiff and it is mostly worn by celebrities in the present day to get unique look. It can be easily achieved on any type of hair such as straight, curly and others. There will be large bump or sometimes a wave on top of your head in this hairstyle that will be secured neatly in place.
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This hairstyle is known to suit most of the women with different ages and it can be styled to look edgy and trendy with accessories. To create this style, first you must tease your hair on top of the head with a close tooth comb. Brush the hair to make it soft and backcomb this section from back to the front of your head. Hold the quiff in place using bobby pins and in case you have short hair, try to keep the quiff in place by spreading a little amount of pomade. If you have long hair, there will not be any problem in creating this hairstyle. At last spritz all over your hair with a hairspray which will help to keep strands in place and till will make the hairstyle look shiny. Those who have a more curly hair, they must use a generous amount of hairspray to keep it smooth and sleek.
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