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Hairstyle With Diagonal Bangs


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Hairstyle with diagonal bangs can give a great look and attitude to the haircut. This hairstyle will look good on any type of face, but you must have lot of patience and few simple tools to create this style at home. Make sure to use the hair product or an iron to smooth the bangs before you starting the haircut.
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To create diagonal bangs, first wash the hair as usual and dry it fully. Secure the hair by pulling it up with an elastic. Then pull the bangs near the front of the face in diagonal angle which should look like emo cut. Divide the bangs in three different sections where the first part must be the longer one, second section must be shorter and third section must be cut shorter. Now take the first part of the hair which will cover the eye and try to cut the ends just by pointing the scissors at upward angle. Next take second section as well as the middle section to continue the cutting process upward at same angle. Take third and last section at same angle to tousle the bangs. Make sure that they come over the place in a proper way and cut any ends which comes out of the place. While cutting the hair make sure avoid using regular scissors as it can damage the hair and use only short bladed shears and cuticle scissors can also be a perfect choice for cutting bangs.
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