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Getting Blonde Hair Gradually


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Having a blonde hairstyle can give a dramatic look for everyone. At the same time making your hair blonde fast can be dangerous that can lead to hair damage. Using hair dyes can cause serious damage to the hair though they can last for a long time. This problem can be solved by making your hair blonde gradually which can avoid damage your hair and keep it healthy. Just use the following methods to make the hair blonde gradually.
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First, get help from a professional hairstylist and avoid using hair products of your own. The hairstylist can help you o determine the shades that can complement your skin tone. Have a long-term discussion with the stylist and most of the hairstylist may recommend going lighter by two or three shades a session and from brunette to blonde which can take up to three sessions. Clean your hair by washing it about 48 hours before each coloring session as well as get a deep conditioning treatment. This will help the hair to retain moisture as the blonde coloring can strip away and it can build up natural oils to protect the hair as well as scalp. Don’t use the treatments and products which may dry the hair. Avoid getting heat treatments such as blow-dryers and hot irons as they can fry the locks. Try to use high-SPF hair oils or hair sunblock while going out with a blonde hair to get extra protection.
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