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Beyonce Knowles With Rag Curls


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Beyonce Knowles has got a hairstyle with rag curls that are usually created soft when compared to the pin curls. It is easy to achieve this style, but you must have few rag strips and it is also considered to be unique hairstyle among women because it gives an interesting look. This hairstyle is known to be one of the simplest ways of styling your hair which is about medium to long in length. It is a perfect hairstyle for those who want to have a head full of curls.
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Start your styling by taking a piece of cloth that is cut into strips about 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. Then you must test your curls taking a part of the hair and condition it before continuing the styling process. Apply a small amount of gel all over the hair evenly and divide the hair as usual. Part your hair which depending on the length of the curls you like to create. Curl your hair around a rag and then around the strip of the cloth to create tiny curls that is usually liked by small children’s. After the hair becomes fully curled try to tie the end of the strips together and remove the rags gently. Make sure that your hair fully dry before removing the rags. Try to pull the rag down and remove curlers out to create the ringlets.  At last finger comb the hair and spritz it with a hairspray.
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