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Arrow Braid


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An arrow braid is the most elegant way of styling your hair which is long. The shape of this hairstyle is associated with end of an arrow as there will be a pointed shape. It is a very simple form of braiding which can look perfect on the shoulder length or longer hair. This style can be achieved on side of the head or down the back of your head suitable for casual and formal events.
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Comb the hair with a hairbrush to remove all the tangles. Then wrap hair elastic around the hair at the base of the neck and divide it into two even sections. Take a 1/4 inch section of hair from outside of the right section and add it into the left section of hair. Divide 1/4 inch strand of hair from outside of the left section and add it to the right section. Next pull both the sides of your hair taut to overlap and intertwine the two sections. Continue to pull the strand from right side and adding it into the left side, then pulling a strand from left side to add it into right side. The braid shape must start to have a nice pointed effect when the two layers go over each other. Now pull the braid taut from each side of the head and continue the braiding process until you reach two inches from bottom of the hair. Use hair elastic to wrap around the base of the braid.
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