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Pinup Pompadour


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The pompadour hairstyle is one of the most popular way of styling the hair. It is mostly worn by many celebrities in the present day. There are different variations that can be created with a pompadour and one of them is called as a Pinup Pompadour. Here is a simple process that can be followed to create a Pinup Pompadour at home without getting any help.
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To get this hairstyle, start your styling process on a day old hair as a newly washed hair can be difficult to style. The dry hair will hold hairstyle better when compared to a clean hair. Then part your hair with a comb to divide front form the back. Use the comb horizontally across the center of your head from ear to ear to separate the hair. Try to brush the front section of your hair forward and keep a fake hair stocking such as the hair rat in the center of your head. The hair rat must match the color of the hair to avoid any differences in the hairstyle. There are few vintage hair enthusiasts who create hair rats from their own shed hair. Next brush the front section of your hair backward and over the hair rat. Try to adjust your hair to cover the rat fully. Pin the hair behind the rat and use a hairspray. At last style the remaining hair as per your desire and you can also create pin curls or pipe curls
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