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Traditional Zig Zag Part


traditional zig zag traditional zig zag2
Creating a zig zag part can give a great look for anyone with short to long hair. There are different versions of a zig zag part and one of them is a traditional zig zag part. This style can give a striking look for anyone with a straight hair. Those who have a curly hair, this hairstyle can give a more tousled look.
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It is easy to create a traditional zig zag part, first wash and dry your hair with a towel. Then brush the hair away from face using a fine toothed comb. Keep the comb at a diagonal to the hairline in the front of your head and pull comb end which is touching the hairline along the first part. You can also use the tail of a comb to pull the hair straight back along the line. The front section of the comb must be 1-2 inches wide and brush the hair in front toward your face. At a part which was created just now, keep the tip of a comb to start the next zig zag. Take another 1-2 inch section of hair in the size of V and set the comb at a diagonal at the opposite direction from first part to pull the comb backward. Repeat the same process on the other part of the hair by working in the opposite directions each time and to keep the zig zag part as you want to be.
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