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Kirsten Dunst With Swirl Wave


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Kirsten Dunst has got a hairstyle with swirl wave which is one of the most beautiful way of styling the hair. It is mostly worn by many celebrities as it can give a great look. This is one of the popular hairstyle in the 1920-30s as it was worn with a short hair during the period. This style can be done with the help of your fingers with waving lotion, hairpins, hair clips and a comb. Before starting the styling process, first make sure that the length of the hair is at least short medium to long hair. Get help from a hairstylist if you have a long hair and style it as per your desire using proper styling products.
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There are three variations in a swirl wave which includes a first wave that is a perfect choice for those who like to have the hair that has the crown of the head high where the part of the hair is. The second wave can is created in case the height of the crown is on one side and the part is on the other side. The final version of the swirl wave can be a great choice if your hair will swirl all the way from one side of your head to the other. In case your hair is short from the crown till the nape of your neck, the third version of the swirl wave would be the perfect option.
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