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Rainbow French Braid


rainbow french braid rainbow french braid2
French braids are one of the most elegant and versatile way of styling the hair for special occasions. If you are planning to make the French braid unique, try to create a Rainbow French Braid which contains vivid colors of the rainbow. First brush the hair to remove bumps and select two inch section from the top as well as center of your forehead. Pull your hair away from the main section of the hair using a fine-toothed comb.
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rainbow french braid5 rainbow french braid6
Keep the cut ribbons together and tie it around the base of a two inch section of hair with a double knot. Tuck the knot under your hair and divide the section into three even pieces. Separate the ribbons evenly and make sure that one strand has three pieces of ribbon. Fold right strand of the hair and ribbons over center strand, then under the left strand. Now pull the left strand with the ribbon at the center strand and under the right strand. Take a one inch section of hair from the right temple to add it into the right strand and fold the strand over the center strand as well as under the left strand in the braiding pattern. Take a one inch section of hair from left side to add it to the left strand of hair and under the right side. Use the same method on the other parts of the hair to create the braid and mist the entire hair with a finishing hairspray.
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