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Braids are one of the most low maintenance hairstyles which are perfect for protecting a natural hair. Hairstyle with braids may become fuzzy if you don’t care them in a proper method. Most of the time a fuzzy braid can be taken car at home without getting help from a hair specialist as it can save time as well as money.
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Take a 1 tablespoon of clarifying shampoo and mix it with an 8 ounce spray bottle of water. Shake it well to mix the shampoo and massage your scalp to loosen the oil. Mist the scalp with a diluted shampoo and massage it again. Wash the hair and leave the water to carry the suds through your braids. Spread a little amount of silicone-free, leave-in conditioner in your hands and add a little water to run the hands together. Work your hands through the braids and use a conditioner by squeezing it through the braid. Then wrap the hair with a microfiber towel and keep it long enough on the head to absorb the excess water. Take the towel and shake the braids out. Now mix cup of various oils such as extra-virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, unrefined coconut oil or melted shea butter. Add two drops of peppermint or tea tree to get a cooling scalp treatment. Use your hands to smooth the oil over the braids and to get rid of frizzy ends. At last spread oil to the braids everyday to control the fuzziness.
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