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Emo Swoop Hairstyle


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There are many hairstyles that can be worn to make yourself look unique and one of such style is a emo swoop. This type of hairstyling is mostly like by the teenagers as it comes from emotive music of the genre’s significant bands. You can wear it with a dark clothing and heavy black eye makeup along with uber-straight bangs swept in from of the face.
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It is very simple to achieve this hairstyle, first make sure that the hair is cutting in a proper shape. Then mist all over the hair with a heat-protectant spray and comb the hair toward your face. Create a deep part on one side of your head about two to three inches above the ear. Comb the long side of the bangs away from the part and brush it toward your face again. Try to straighten the bangs toward your face using a straightening iron starting from roots to tips. Now brush the hair toward your face and spritz it with a little amount of hairspray. Brush the hair away from your part to make the long chunk of bangs hangs over your eye opposite the part. Use a straightening iron over the small sections of hair again and working away from the bangs. After reaching the end of each section, try to flip the tips away from the face to create a characteristic swoop. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray to end the styling process.
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