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Hairstyle With Graduated Bangs


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Having a hairstyle with graduated bangs can give a great look for those who like to style their hair with bangs. A dry cutting method is used in this hairstyle to make the vertical snips to get soft and manageable hair. It is a perfect style for almost every hair type starting from thick to fine and curly to straight.
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To get this style, first straighten the hair with a flat iron and take one inch section of the hair from hairline on top of the forehead using a fine-tooth comb. To get fuller bangs, create a triangle section about two inches back from your hairline at the center of the head and draw two angled lines towards your eyebrows. Now secure the rest of your hair and take the front part to continue the styling. Take the complete piece of sectioned hair at the opposite direction where the graduated bangs will lay. Keep the tips of a sectioned hair in between the index and middle finger. Then angle the fingers at 45 degree and leave about half inch of hair to dangle from the fingers. Start trimming the ends of sectioned hair using small vertical snips till the bottom of the sectioned hair with hair-cutting shears. Cut the hair from far side of the sectioned hair to the other end with small snips. Continue the trimming process until you get the desired length and slowly stop trimming closer to center of the face.
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