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Aphrodite Hairstyle


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Aphrodite was a Greek goddess who is associated with love and beauty. She is frequently depicted to be wearing a long hair down around the shoulders along with a wreath of myrtle. It is easy to create a hairstyle like her which can easily give a very unique look. There are many hairstyles that have been depicted in ancient Greek art that featured long or medium length hair along with curls or waves. But it is important to follow a certain method to achieve this style.
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To create this hairstyle, first make sure that you have a long hair and then curl the hair with large rollers. After creating loose waves, try to spritz all over the hair with a loose-hold hairspray. Next part your hair in the middle and comb it down over the shoulders as well as back of the head. Now you can add fake pearls around the circle of your strands and weave it along the hair. Secure it down on every couple of inches to loosely hold it in place which will make the chain to drop slightly to get a cascade effect. You can also use silk rose buds on the level of hair that has been built up and nestle the rose buds taping down the end. Add flowers and space the rose buds evenly by positioning them all pointing up. Adding fake flowers ore ornaments can make this hairstyle look more unique and attractive.
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