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Hairstyle With Chunky Bangs


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One of the best and inexpensive ways of changing your look is by creating chunky bangs in your hair. The most important method in achieving this style is to brush the hair straight and divide the parts your hair to create the bangs without looking asymmetrical. Here is a simple process to create this style at home.
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To get style, brush the hair to make it clean and tangle free. Then create an even and horizontal part in between 1 to 2 inches from the hairline. The bangs will be started at the back on your hairline to make them look chunkier. Take this hair forward and try to adjust it so that it looks perfectly even. Secure the rest of your hair at the back of your head. Then comb the hair which you are going to cut it into bangs forward and keep it in between the pointer & middle finger. Straighten the fingers out horizontally to use it as a cutting guide and place it about the length you would like to create the bangs. Start trimming the hair straight across by keeping your fingers as a guide to create blunt chunky bangs and to get a textured chunky bangs, cut your hair while angling the scissors upward. Continue the trimming process until the hair is cut to your finger guideline. Now brush the bangs out around the face as usual and carefully trim off any left out hair.
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