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Hairstyle With Swoop Braids


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Braids are the best hairstyles for women and there are different ways it can be style on your head. A swoop braid is a unique hairstyle that is usually curved around your head in a halo and hangs down at the back with longer tresses. This style is perfect for the hair which is at least comes to the shoulders. It can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.
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Comb the hair out to get rid of knots. Then create a side part to the left of center on the head with a fine-toothed comb and pull additional hair over the right. Take a three inch section of hair at the right side of the head and divide this section into three pieces. Fold right strand over middle and under the left strand. Fold left strand over middle and under the right strand. Take a one inch section of hair at the right of the braid base which was created and add a piece of hair into right strand. Collect one inch section of hair to the left of the braid and add it into the left strand of the braid. Continue to add new pieces of hair into your braid and each new section taken must follow a path which gently sweeps down right side of the head. Braid the last part of the hair into a normal three-piece braid and secure it with a hair elastic. Mist the hair .with a hairspray to avoid flyaways.
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