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Taking Care Of Greasy Hair


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Having a greasy hair can be very disturbing for most of the women as it can spoil your perfect hairstyle. This usually occurs in those who have a fine hair all over your head as it will change into more sebaceous glands and sebum. Here are few simple steps that can be useful in removing grease from your hair. Make sure to avoid using hair gel and brushing the hair with a comb during this process.
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First get a shampoo which is oil-controlling or clarifying and it must be transparent or see-through. These types of shampoos will have little additives and it can reduce grease more effectively. Wash the hair completely using the shampoo at least once a day in the morning. Try using cool or lukewarm water to wash your hair with the pads of your fingers. Avoid using hot water and conditioner as it can exacerbate the oiliness from your hair. Rinse the hair fully with cold water which will help reduce the amount of oil produced in the sebaceous glands. Try to rinse the hair again by mixing juice of two lemons with one qt of distilled water. You can also rinse the hair by mixing one tsp of apple cider vinegar along with one pt of water. Dab the hair with blotting papers in between the daily shampoo or rinse sessions if there is any buildup of oil. Blotting papers can soak up the oil present in your hair and the scalp.
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