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Hairstyle With Scrunch Curls


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Hairstyle with scrunch curls is the best way to create a curly style without using curling irons and hot rollers. It is a perfect style for a medium to long hair as it can draw out the natural curls and hold it in place. The curls can be made to stay all day by just layering different hair products as well as styling the hair in a particular way.
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To create scrunch curls, first wash and condition the hair using curl-boosting products which are specially designed to pump up the natural curl. Then use a towel to dry your hair and spread a dollop of mousse all over. Next flip the head over and dab the mousse into the hair mainly focusing on the roots. A volumizing mousse can add lift at the roots to bring out the curl. Mist your hair with a gel and scrunch the hair up toward your scalp. Hold handful of hair and lift it toward the scalp while closing your hand which will encourage the hair to curl as the gel locks the hairstyle in place. Use a diffuser to dry your hair and leave the head flipped upside down to it section by section till it becomes fully dry. The diffuser attachment will spread the heat from the blow dryer to prevent frizz. At last flip the head back upright to mist all over the hair with a hairspray to prevent the curls from falling.
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