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Selena Gomez With Voluminous Braid


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Selena Gomez has got a hairstyle with voluminous braid that is considered to be a stylish way of wearing a hair which is long with tangle-free. There are many braided hairstyle that can give a simple look, but creating a hairstyle like this can give a unique look even though it looks a little complicated. You can also create a flattering look by just pulling your long hair back while making the braid. Here is a simple method to achieve this style at home.
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To get this hairstyle, first mist all over you hair with a little amount of hairspray make it damp. Then brush the entire head with a wide-toothed comb and try to use a fine-toothed comb during this process. Next divide your hair into three different parts and brush each of them using the fine-toothed comb. Make the left hand to hold left section of your hair and hold the right section in your right hand. You must leave the middle section of your hair to fall loosely in the center of the other two sections. Begin to cross the right section over the center section and take your center section with right. Then cross your left section over the center section and after reaching the end of your hair try to tighten the braid. Now continue to cross the right and left sections on the middle section to create the desired length. Finally hold the hairstyle in place with elastic.
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