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Hairstyle With Pinup Curls


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Having a hairstyle with curls can give a great look, but lining up the curl can make it more unique. In this hairstyle, there will be well-defined curls all over your head which are not combed out and the curls will be kept in place using bobby pins. It is one of the classic ways of styling the hair for special occasions. This hairstyle can be created on the hair that is short to medium in length. Here is a simple technique to create this hairstyle.
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It is easy to get this hairstyle, brush a small section of hair over your forehead straight down and select a roller in the size that would like to have the pin curl. Hold the piece of hair which was combed down and place the roller flat below the end of the piece of hair. Keep the end of your hair piece flat on the roller using your left thumb and hold the hair on top of the same hair piece using the index finger on the opposite hand. Start rolling the hair piece around the roller and remove the roller while keeping your curl in place which the roller made. Keep your hair in place using your right index finger and thumb. Now you can insert a bobby pin over the rolled hair piece and flat piece of hair to make the curl stay in place. Try to move the pinup curl in a position that suits you perfectly.
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