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Hairstyle With Tousled Waves


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Creating a hairstyle with tousled waves can give a simple as well as beautiful look for those who have a medium to long hair. It can be a perfect choice for a summer and especially for those who live in warm-weather climates. There is no need to consider any hair specialist to get this style as it can be created at home without any help. This hairstyle is a must for those who have a thick hair and in case if you have a fine hair stay away from this style. Here is a simple process that can be followed to get this hairstyle.
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It is easy to achieve this hairstyle, first wash and then condition your hair as usual. Avoid over conditioning the hair as it can spoil the look. Spread a little amount of hair products all over the hair and blow dry it using your fingers only by just scrunching as you dry. In case you are planning to create extra curl, then take a medium barrel curling iron to curl the top of the hair by starting at mid-shaft. Now you can flip the hair upside down and toss it with the fingers to loosen the curls. At last mist a fine layer of hairspray all over the hair and flip the hair back. Next use your fingers to control any wild strands. Make sure to use your fingers to comb the hair and avoid using hair brush.
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