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Hairstyle With Halo Braid


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Creating a hairstyle with halo braid is a perfect way of styling your hair in a new way. This hairstyle is suitable for intertwining things including ribbons or flowers or any other braiding accessories. It can be created with easily only when the hair is long and those who have short hair must add hair extensions to achieve the length of the hair required. Most of the women like to wear this hairstyle which also includes celebrities even though it is known to consume lot of time. Just follow this simple method to create this hairstyle without any difficulty.
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To create a halo braid, first brush your hair using a wide toothed comb and use a towel to dry your hair only after washing it completely. Then spread a little amount of gel all over your hair to control the flyaways. Separate your hair from ear to ear on top of your head to place the braid in a centered position. Now you can braid your hair on top of the head and try to braid the back section of the hair also. Continue to work the braid all around your head and then go back to the place where the hair ends. Tuck the tail of your braid underside of the halo and secure it in place with a crochet hook or bobby pins. At last add any hair accessories such as a flower or ribbon to make the hairstyle look more unique.
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