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Hairstyle With Faux Roll Bang


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Faux roll bang is an experimental look of the standard rolled bangs that are a classic symbol of the pin-up girl style. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice to wear only for special events and it can be created at home without getting help from a hairstylist. Before starting the styling process, make sure to purchase the proper hair products so you can create in just minutes.
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To create this style, divide a section of hair in the middle of your front hairline using a comb. Hold the rest of your hair away from the face with a hair tie and hair pins. Then tease the fringe section of your hair as you comb towards the front and use short, quick motions with the comb using your strands to create the volume for faux rolled bangs. Mist the section with a heat protectant hairspray to keep your hair from getting damaged while using the heated curling iron. You must also use a holding hairspray before using the curling iron to make the hair hold in without becoming messy. Start curling the section forward with a medium one inch curling iron by holding it horizontally and secure the entire hair section. Keep the hair in the iron until it hair becomes warm and not hot. Take the curling iron and mist the hair with holding spray again. Now secure the forward curling bangs with bobby pins to create a slightly lifted roll.
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