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Pink With Short Fohawk


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Pink has got a very unique short fohawk which is a great way of styling your hair only for a special event. It is mostly worn by few people only and it is very rare among the celebrities as well. This hairstyle is considered as a male hairstyle and only few women like to wear it to achieve a different look. It can be easily created with hair gel or get help from a hairstylist to make the hairstyle look perfect. The hairstyle is very much similar to a Mohawk which is created by shaving sides of the head, but in a fohawk there is no need to get a haircut.
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To create this hairstyle, first apply a little amount of gel on your hands and spread it all over your hair from top of the head towards the back of your head. Try to leave some gel over the sides of your head. Now you can use your finger to just comb the sides as well as top of your hair to make it face top of your head. Shape your hair like a spiked shape or make all your hair to point toward the crest of your head. Make the hair entire hair to sit together using your hands to create the faux hawk crest. Finally try to flatten your hair at the sides of your head and then mess up the spiked portion to make it look less uniform.
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