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Side Puff With Bangs


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Creating a hairstyle with puff can be very interesting as it is able to give a unique look. But the puff can be created on the side of the head along with bangs to make it more beautiful and different from other hairstyles. It is considered to be a universally attractive hairstyle as the fullness of your hair can be varied to frame the face. Here is a simple process to create side puff with bangs.
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To create a side puff with bangs, first take the bangs in one hand up and away from the hairline and make sure to have about one to three inch part on both sides of the bangs. Add full-length hair behind the bangs to your hair in the hand which depends on the height and fullness you want the puff to look. Then take the hair that was held in your hand away from center of your head towards the side. Start twisting the hair in the middle of the bangs once for a subtle style or you can twist it 3 or 4 times for a more glamorous look. Keep the twisted section against the scalp and push it gently toward the hairline to add more volume to the puff more volume. Add two bobby pins in X-pattern behind the twist and hold the arrangement in place. At last spritz the bangs with a little amount of hairspray and smooth the puff using your fingers to control the flyaways.
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