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Single Twist Dreads


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Single Twist Dreads are considered to be the best choice of hairstyle for thick and curly hair. It can be created with almost any type of hair, but by following few important techniques. This hairstyle involves twisting and rolling your hair using your hands to create the knots. Hair wax can be used for the knotting process which will help to keep the hair locked. It is a simple method that can be followed to create dreadlocks of a uniform size and various sizes. Creating new dreads can consume more time, so it is better to get help from a friend or a hairstylist.
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To begin the styling process, first take a piece of hair using the pointy end of the rat-tail comb. Spread a little amount of dreadlock wax all over the piece of hair. The dab of wax must be the size of a pea or it can be more in case the length of the hair longer than your shoulders. Cover the piece of hair around your finger and then remove your finger o make it stay in a coil shape. Keep the coil of hair in between both of your palms and rub the piece of hair towards back and forth in the palms. This method will help to create the knots and lock the dread. Use the same method on the entire hair o your head and make sure to dry each dread using a blow-dryer to make the wax set.
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