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Half Beehive Hairstyle


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Half beehive is a perfect hairstyle to get a beautiful look and it is suitable for any kind of special event. It is very simple and easy to achieve this hairstyle which can be done without any help from a hairstylist. There are many women who wear this style for occasions which also includes celebrities.
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To get this style, spread a styling gel to the roots of your hair and make a center part on your head. Then blow dry the hair straight using a round brush and create an upward flip at the ends of your hair. Divide the hair into three sections such as front section, crown section and bangs. Use a comb to divide the crown section into three horizontal rows. Comb each part of the hair straight up individually and mist it with a hairspray at the roots. Now comb the teased sections gently with a wide-tooth comb, down and at the back of your head. Using your fingers, pull the hair toward the back center of your head to create the base of the beehive where two fingers meet. Secure the beehive at the base using bobby pins and use fine-tooth comb to smoothen the ends of your hair. Now secure the front part of the hair and style the bangs around your face. Use the fine-tooth comb to sweep the front sections of hair back if it is too long near ears and secure it with bobby pins.
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