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Dania Ramirez With Wrapped Braid


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Dania Ramirez has got a very beautiful hairstyle with wrapped braid that is a simple and discreet was of styling your hair. In this style, there will be braid coiled across your head or crown to give a very unique look. It is mostly worn by celebrities for special events only and this hairstyle can be a perfect choice for any kind of formal occasions as gives a romantic look.
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To create a wrapped braid, begin your hairstyling process by combing the hair with a brush and blow dry the hair as straight as possible. Leave your hair to dry naturally that can help to create the braid very easily. Then separate your hair from center of the head and create a French braid or regular braid on both the sides of your head. After creating the braids secure it with elastics or bobby pins. Next cross both braids together and then tuck the ends under the hair. Hold the hair in place using bobby pins and spritz all over your hair with a hairspray to control the flyaways. Those who have a long hair which cannot be tucked under the braid, it can be tied together and twist the loose strands around the elastic. This type of hairstyle is usually created with particular technique that had started very long ago and thick braids will be wrapped around the side of your head which will connect at the back of your head.
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