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Fake Fringe Bangs


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Fake fringe bangs can give a look that is similar to the actual fringe bang hairstyle. A fringe bang is a hairstyle that is usually cut straight across your forehead. Faking a fringe bangs can help you to avoid cutting the hair too long which may take some time to grow back. If you are looking to create fringe bangs without cutting the hair, it is better to fake it using bobby pins and a headband. This type of hairstyling can be perfect for those who want to have bangs without spending too much in styling them. Just follow these simple methods to create this style at home.
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It is very simple and easy to create Fake fringe bangs, first Collect your hair in the front part of the crown and evenly section it off using use a comb from the other part. Use a flat iron on the portion in case the hair is naturally curly or wavy. Fringe bangs are usually styled straight and it may not look so good if your hair is not straight. Hold the end of your hair as well as middle of it and take the middle to pull it backwards till the ends cover the forehead just like a fringe bang. Secure your hair to the crown with the help of bobby pins and try to adjust the hair with fake fringe to look more realistic. Then cover the area that was pinned using a headband.
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