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Hairstyle With Twisted Bangs


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There are different hairstyles that can give a unique look with a simple technique and one of such style is the twisted bangs. This is the best way to put your hair away from the face and also make it look good. The twisted bangs will allow you to look fashionable and you can also create a ponytail or pin the hair ends to the side of your head. Here is a simple technique to create this style at home without getting help from a hairstylist or spending too much time.
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It is very simple and ways to achieve this hairstyle, first you must brush the bangs and your hair fully so that it becomes tangle-free as well as lie flat on your head. Now take the front section of the bangs using your fingers and start twisting it, turning it away from the face about an inch. Take the next section of the bangs into the first and then twist it again for another inch. Continue this process until all of the bangs along with other sections of your hair are secured in a fashionable way. Finally secure the ends of the hair using a bobby pin behind the ear or an elastic band. You can also take the twisted hair in different direction as per your desire including all the way towards the side of your head and maneuver it at the back of the head to create a ponytail.
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