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Ombre Bob


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Ombre bob is a hairstyle that will created with exciting color called as Ombre. Ombre is a type of coloring where the roots are dark and hair gets progressively lighter at the end. It is very easy to get this hairstyle on a bob as the hair will be cut shorter in length. This hairstyle is mostly worn by celebrities for special events only as it can give a very unique look.
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Create a bob by dividing the hair into four parts and create a part line at the center of your head. Then create a one inch parting at the bottom of the two parts and secure the rest of your hair. Now cut the loose nape section of the hair across about half inch below the hairline. Cut each section in the same and make sure all are cut in the same level.  Select a semi-permanent hair color which is darker than the natural hair color. Keep the color on the roots with the utensils and leave it for five minutes. Separate the hair into four equal sections such as two in the front and two at the back. Start applying the hair color from roots to the middle of your hair and make sure to begin with the back sections. Leave the hair for five minutes and add water to last third of the hair length to soften your hair color that lead toward the ends before washing the hair completely.
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