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Methods To Weave Bangs


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Creating hairstyles with bang can easily help to change your look. Bangs can also be weaved to look completely unique using a natural or synthetic hair that matches the color of the actual hair. It is very important to set the natural bangs perfectly before using weave hair bangs to make sure that the condition of the hair stays healthy.
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First wash and condition the hair by spreading a pH balanced protein-based conditioner all over.  Leave the conditioner for 15-20 minutes and rinse the hair with lukewarm water. Create a straight horizontal part using a rat-tail comb and brush your hair to get rid of tangles. Try to trim the natural bangs using a pair of scissors and braid your bang which must lie is flat on the scalp. Now cut the weave as per your desire and use the base of the weave directly on top of the cornrow. Then take a threaded sewing needle to sew the thread into the bottom of your braid and make sure that the thread is the same color as you hair. Continue the sewing process onto the cornrows till you have covered the entire length. Next cut off the remaining thread at the end of your track and cover the threaded track with a section of the natural hair. Try to create the cornrows as tight and flat as well as narrow so the weave hair bang should not loosen up at any time.
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