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Short Barrel Bangs


short barrel bangs short barrel bangs2
Short barrel bangs can be easily created by using the same method that is used to make the barrel bangs. This style is used to increase the volume of your hair very easily and it has been used from a long time by most of the women. It is usually created using either hot or cold rollers and sometimes with a curling iron to create large bangs or circular shape in your hair. Most of the celebrities like to style their hair in this way only for special occasions. Here is a simple method that can be followed to create this hairstyle at home in two different ways.
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To get his short roller barrel bangs, comb your bangs forward with a hair brush to get rid of tangles. Next take the bangs in your hand and sprtiz it with a medium hold hairspray. Start curling the roller under your hair and wrap your bangs around a large roller. Take the roller after leaving it for about 15 minutes and brush your bangs. You can also use a curling iron o create short barrel bangs, first mist all over the hair using a medium hold hair spray and then maneuver your hair in a barrel. Continue to roll the curling iron under your bangs and stop it just quarter inch away from your scalp. Now you can remove the curling iron from the bangs after few seconds and comb your hair with a hair brush.
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