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Glitzy Goddess Hairstyle


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Glitzy goddess hairstyle is one of the most simple and beautiful way of styling your hair suitable for special occasions. This style can be worn for a formal event or a costume party along with a proper dress to make it look good. It can be made more unique by adding a hair accessory such as headband, bobby pin and a spritz of shimmer.
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To get this hairstyle, first collect two parts of your hair in the front on both sides about one to two inches wide. Now create a ponytail with the rest of the hair by leaving two front sections to hang. Secure the hair with a clear, elastic band about two-thirds of the way down the ponytail to get volume and shape in the updo. Try to incorporate few small braids into your hairstyle on both the sides. Next scrunch the left out hair and secure it to the top of your head for creating an additional voluminous, messy updo. You can use curling iron to create waves in the strands for in case the hair is too straight. Then tease the front two parts of hair and sweep it back to add volume on top. Mist the hair with a medium amount of hairspray and try using a hairspray that has flecks of glitter. At last add a gold color headband or any other accessory such as the leaf-shaped bobby pins to create a unique goddess like twist.
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