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Taking Care Of Wavy Braids


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Wavy hair braids are extensions of braid that is achieved only with a wavy hair. In this style, the top portion of the braid will be the closest to your scalp that will be braided and rest of the extension will be left loose to hang like a wavy pattern. This type of hairstyle is usually created with a natural hair and you can also try it using a synthetic hair. This style can be maintained for about two to three months by following this simple method.
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Mist the end of the braid lightly with water or use a leave-in hairspray before going to bed daily which will keep the braids look fresh. Braid your hair like a one large braid which will keep it away from tangling and maintain the wave pattern. Make sure to cover your head with a satin scarf and take out the large braid in the next morning to remove the tangled sections using your fingers. Spritz the roots with a little amount of braid spray for sheen. You must also wash the hair using a diluted shampoo and massage the shampoo into scalp once in two weeks. Use the shampoo to braids length without pulling or tugging your hair. You must also condition the braids with a leave-in conditioner. To create a stronger hold, apply mousse to your hair which is not used on a daily basis. To get deeper wave pattern, braid the hair into two or more sections.
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