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Yaki Kanekalon Braid


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Creating a yaki kanekalon braid is very simple as the standard braid. Yaki is a synthetic hair that has been made to look and feel like a relaxed or natural African-American hair. It is available in different textures that are used to make wigs, weaves as well as hair extensions. If you braid the hair with a yaki kanekalon, you can get a hairstyle that will relatively have a natural look.
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To create a yaki kanekalon braid, first separate your hair into different sections and hold it in place with elastic band. Spread a hair moisturizer all over the sections and brush it with a wide-toothed comb. Then divide a braid-sized portion of hair using a rat-tail comb and secure the rest of the section. Now take the kanekalon hair and spray oil sheen all over to make it smooth. Next tug at each end of the strands if you have a straight hair to make the ends less blunt and use a piece of kanekalon hair in the size of your braid. Keep a piece of kanekalon on the portion of your hair that was divided for braiding. There will two braids which must be braided with the natural hair. After reaching the end of the hair, divide one of the kanekalon strands into half and blend it along with the natural hair. Continue the braiding process until you reach the desired length and end of the braid by securing it with a hair band.
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